Welcome to Linzen Group

Linzen is a multi-faceted and diverse property development group offering a one stop real estate shop all under one roof.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of Australian’s industry leaders in providing cutting edge property advice and services by working relentlessly to build a solid financial future for all our clients.

Why Choose Us

At Linzen, we are always looking for innovative ideas and pushing the boundaries to set new benchmarks.

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Land Development

At Linzen Property Development understand the full scope of land development from concept to completion and we have successfully completed land and house developments in the past. We are proud to deliver quality sustainable housing estates through quality and integrity. Read more…

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Real Estate Services

At Linzen Real Estate Services we can help you with your own personal buying agent from Linzen Group. In simple terms Linzen act as a buying agent on your behalf whether you buy or build your own home or start to grow your personal property portfolio of investment properties. Our mission is simple: To take the hassle out of owning an investment property and help you to achieve the best returns of your investment to enable you to either invest further or build more security. Read more..

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Property Investing

At Linzen Property Investing we sell a selection of our portfolio to private investors under a leaseback arrangement. This means investors have no tenanting obligations, rental income is guaranteed and the investment is managed and maintained by property experts throughout the lease term. Read more…

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Wealth and Finance

At Linzen Wealth and Finance we help you find all the answers that will help you achieve your desired financial future. Our team consists of chartered accountants and financial planners to assist you with your wealth creation so that you have peace of mind. Read more..

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