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About Linzen Property Group

Linzen is a multi-faceted and diverse property group offering a one stop real estate shop all under one roof.

Our services are tailored to suit your business needs and our delivery approach is guided by our expertise and your requirements.

  • Property investment advise and strategy
  • Set up appropriate structures for asset protection
  • Specialised tax advice on income tax, GST and Capital Gains Tax
  • Land development and Construction
  • Dealing with Council, town planners, engineers and other consultants
  • Due Diligence and Financial Feasibility for all projects
  • Project management to ensure projects are on track
  • Joint Venture Partnerships with investors or land owners
  • Seek funding for projects

Our unique services is industry leading edge and offers total control unparalleled by our competitors.
Our highly experienced team managed the entire real estate process from inception to completion.

Our aims is to nurture client relationships with a diverse range of in-house services.
Our staff will communicate through the process so you can make an informed decision.

Why Choose Us?

At Linzen , we are backed by 25 years of specialist experience in the property construction and real estate industry, and we work hard to meet all of your needs. Our staff work with state of the art tools in the industry to help you find the best solution for your real estate needs, and we respect your time by working efficiently.

Call us so we can personally assist in finding your dream home.

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